Read as we share the stories behind our wedding videos, and get to know a little bit about our couples on their special day.

Destination: Palawan

Amanda and Kenneth

El Nido Wedding

Amanda and Kenneth are both based in Hong Kong. They decided to have a beautiful destination wedding at El Nido. All their family and friends flew in to celebrate the moment.

I remember having an online meeting with Kenneth. He told me they were having a very non-traditional Chinese wedding. True enough come wedding day, it started with crazy fun games by the beach (we even took aerial shots for this). I love how Amanda and Kenneth were both very chill on the idea of their wedding day. I think I was the one panicking about their wedding schedule when Kenneth was discussing their plans. I guess this is because with all the weddings we shot, they really made sure that they enjoyed all throughout the day instead of stressing out on the makeup, hair, and last minute preps for the ceremony itself. It was cool, and fun, and I wish we shot more weddings like this!

Destination: Manila

Kayra and Chris

When Love Comes

Last weekend, FYAM team shot Chris and Kayra’s wedding at Mary the Queen, followed by a beautiful reception at Manila Hotel. My favorite line from the groom’s vows: “you make me want to be a better person”. I guess when you really meet the one, you feel this way stronger than ever.

In this crazy world where there’s so much hate, I honestly feel lucky to have this kind of job. We shoot real love stories unfolding. We become part of our clients’ lives by making sure we document an unforgettable moment of deciding to keep someone in their life forever. We encapsulate promises, moments, and the truth of now. I feel luckier when I get to experience this with people I used to encounter in life.

Chris is one of my sister’s friends in high school. He would sometimes hang out around MTQ along with other friends, and as the shobe, my sister always tagged me along. I don’t remember much about that time but I remember Chris as one of the older brothers when I was young. People called him “Barat” which made him really unforgettable and funny. So when he called me up to say that he’s getting married and wanted FYAM to shoot our wedding, I was really happy that they wanted FYAM team to do it!

Time really flies by too fast. One day you are going to school, meeting people, and then the next thing you know, you start attending weddings, and then baby showers! I guess this is called LIFE!

Do watch the SDE!

Destination: Tagaytay

Sarah and Wilson

Love Is Here

Sarah and Wilson got married last weekend at Antonio’s, Tagaytay. It was a beautiful garden wedding. They couldn’t ask for more as they were celebrating this special day being surrounded by close family and friends. On that day, love was all that mattered.

I asked Sarah, “How did he propose?”
“Jan 22 2017 – In his house, nothing fancy, he just showed me a video he made full of our photos. Very private and personal proposal  exactly how I wanted it to be. I was so mad at him the night before because he staged a fake proposal and placed a wire on my ring finger. I was already emotional that time because of accumulated, heightened anticipation. Almost a year before he proposed, while we were on vacation in HK, he asked me to fit and try on engagement rings to get my size. Several months and various trips abroad after (including Paris!), Wilson still did not pop the question.
Mid January 2017, he went to HK for one night for a “business trip” and he did not bring me along which i found very unusual. Turns out my hunch was right, he went there to pick up my ring. Few days after he popped the question.”

Destination: Manila

Andee and Max

Prom Date

Andee and Max had their wedding a few weeks ago at Santuario de San Antonio, followed by an intimate reception at Makati Shangrila.

Andee and Max booked us 1 month before the wedding. I was surprised because most of our weddings are booked months in advance. I asked them why? they said they just decided to get married a month before they started booking suppliers. They have been together for 8 years, and now they have a baby coming, which made them think, “why not get married?!” It’s just the perfect time, and it’s not everyday that you get to be married with your high school prom date.

So how did Max propose 3 months ago? Andee shares it:

“He surprised me during our trip to Spain. While on our stadium tour at the Camp Nou, where FC Barcelona plays, someone from the stadium’s staff congratulated both of us. I thought Max and I won something like a meet and greet contest. Max wasn’t telling me anything and I started to get mad at him because I really wanted to know what was happening and probably because of my raging hormones. Yes, I am pregnant. Anyway, he suddenly asked some random tourist to take a photo of us. Then he got down, on bended knee, and proposed! I know I didn’t meet Messi but at least I got the next best thing? Kidding.”

FYAM is honored to shoot this beautiful moment in your life, thank you for the trust.

Do watch the SDE!

Cover and header photo by: Oak St. Studios


Destination: Manila

Giann and Chris

First Love

Giann and Chris got married at Santuario de San Antonio, followed by a beautiful reception at Makati Shangri-la.

When I asked Giann and Chris where they met, they answered with, “You know the usual China tours?” I laughed, shocked and replied “OH THAT?! which means you guys have been together for so looong!!!” Giann is a few years younger than me in ICA, that’s why I totally understand when they both said that they met in a China tour. It’s not usual nowadays for you to marry your first bf/gf in High School. They even shared that for a while, they had a long distance relationship.

I honestly admire this couple for them to really work it out and be together for so long, and finally seal the deal last Sunday! FYAM is super happy to shoot this amazing couple. One of our shooters even personally told me, “I got teary eyed while shooting the bride. I really felt that she’s happy to get married.”


Destination: Batangas

Kylie and Jay Jay

Cliff Wedding

Kylie and Jayjay have been together since August 2015. When I asked what they love about each other? Kylie says that he can make her laugh even at the dullest moment. Jayjay on the other hand loves how Kylie is laid back, simple, and reserved.

I remember my meeting with Kylie and Jay Jay. He particularly said, “gusto ko yung SDE ni Iya and Drew!” that’s why they did a cliff wedding at Kawayan Cove.

The logistics of this wedding was quite tedious, but definitely worth it! The day was just perfect. It was raining a bit in the morning, but the sun shone just in time for Kylie and Jayjay’s wedding. The drone shot of Kylie walking on the aisle is the highlight. But I think being surrounded by their closest friends and family as they professed their love for each other is the most surreal moment that FYAM is so honored to capture.

Do watch the SDE!

Cover photo by: James Polk of Polk Studios

Destination: Manila

Jelly and Justin

I'm Alive

Jelly is from Poveda, while Justin is from Southridge, but they knew each other from friends in UAP. Introduced by high school friends, they didn’t know that they will meet in one of those college barkada get-togethers. It’s amazing how things fell into place. They knew each other for a little over 4 years, and last weekend, they finally tied the knot!

Jelly and Justin got married last weekend in San Agustin church, where their parents also got married. It was followed by a fun reception at Manila hotel. I remember how Jelly did a really good job at dancing “Time of Your Life” (and i think 2 more songs btw), but I think Justin’s dance moves made it more unforgettable for everyone in the crowd. Everyone kept on cheering for him! Even his father mentioned something about Justin. That he is only dancing just because he loves Jelly so much! I think that’s really how it is. We do things for love that we never really imagine we will do.

Now watch the SDE and see how the rest of the day went!

Cover photo by: Carlo Acetre Photography

Destination: Tagaytay

Anne and OJ

Our Time

Anne and OJ have been together for 2 years and 5 months. Anne handles their family business as contract grower of San Miguel, while OJ is an IT specialist for the US Federal Government. They got married at St. Pancratius, Paco Park, followed by a beautiful reception at Sofitel. Watch out for the scene where we were able to capture Anne’s walk to the aisle with our drone!

How was the proposal? Anne and OJ shares it in 3RD person:

OJ proposed last November 2015 at Big Bear Ski Resort in California. It was snowboarding day for them. Anne got tired, so she asked OJ if they can take a rest. They went inside the car, just the two them.

Back story: Anne has never experienced snowfall. When they were in NY, OJ told Anne a year ago that he would propose during a snow fall.

Oj asked for a sign. If it snows, he would propose.

15minutes later, still inside the car, snow began to fall, and it was stronger and stronger. It was OJ’s sign. He went out of the car, went to Anne’s side to open the door, and popped the question. Of course, tears were all over the place and the rest is history.

Photo by: Chestknots Studio

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