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Marianne and Jose

I was in Davao shooting a wedding, then I got this really long, touching letter from Marianne, our bride. 

This letter completed the whole story of their own wedding video.

It is too beautiful for our FYAM bride to share her own story to a complete stranger, whose job is to help brides have their wedding day captured by the best wedding videographers in the Philippines.

Here it goes.


Hi Therese,

Marianne here. Thank you so much for the SDE. I thought it really captured all the emotions of the wedding, it was truly the feel good film we anticipated. When we’ve watched it with our friends there are so many “behind the scenes” stories that were captured in the SDE that make us laugh so much.

There’s a tradition that the woman buys her fiancé a watch as a gift for the engagement. So, there’s the part in the SDE when Jose thanks me for the watch I gave him and he says “I guess you’ll be washing dishes for the next two years.” It was a complete surprise to him because I was studying this year and with the wedding expenses, I always joked with him that I would get him an “I owe you” card or I’d be washing dishes for the next 2 years if I bought him a watch.

A major highlight of the wedding was “the illusive white sheet” at the church. So when the doors opened and I walked in, there was this bright light radiating behind me, which made my entrance all the more dramatic. We now call it “Special effects” and we think that the Filipinos are the best with creating film drama and it was a moment in the wedding that just struck everyone…and hence all the grown men sobbing in the SDE and in the photographs!! Hahah I love it, priceless and every guest talks about “the white sheet.”

There’s a part in the SDE when we were saying our vows and Jose said his own name instead of mine! Hahaha, It really is one of my favorite parts and Jose so badly wants it edited but I think only Jose would create an accidentally hilarious experience like that in the midst of such a serious moment. I was so tempted to rub it in by making the same mistake when it came to my part, but I didn’t want the priest to think I was mocking it all. Haha.

There’s all these little sentiments, my Tiffany present. A cross that was given to me by Jose on my birthday I lost awhile back. The boys in their tight white shirts looking all swag…

I was laughing and crying with so much happiness throughout the day and the “slow motion” effect just created that feeling where you are just so deliriously happy, you’d want it to all to just slow down so you can experience every bit. To be honest, I don’t think I went to the toilet once during he whole wedding hahaha. Can you imagine holding in your pee in such a fitted wedding dress!?? Haha, I really didn’t want to miss a thing.

Thank you for your creativity and for making it such a comfortable experience for me. I’m very camera shy! … and Thankyou for your patience with my husband! Haha he’s a marketing manager so he loves having a lot of input with these things. It was perfect, you guys are awesome. Our guests were so amazed with your work.

Thanks again,

Kristine & Lyn

Jason Magbanua is guest blogging again:

A few weeks ago I got a phonecall from the one and only Metroman Oly Ruiz asking if I was free on certain date in April for a wedding in Boracay.
It was going to be a unique event because there were going to be two “brides”.   I wanted to jump at the chance but sadly, we were booked here in Manila.
For You Are Mine Wedding Films to the rescue!
And so the able bodied guys and gals of FYAM flew out to document the beautiful wedding of Kristine and Lyn.
From reports all over, and from the brilliant SDE I watched, the event was a love filled fun fest from both friends and family.
I sorely missed this one as I feel strongly about same sex marriages.  Hot on the heels of John and Paolo’s wedding, this another one for the Philippine wedding history.   Nobody, not church nor state has the authority to prevent two people from publicly expressing their love and commitment for one another.

Meg & Dave

Of course we won’t let March pass by without a Boracay wedding!

We were shooting Meg & Dave’s wedding  without knowing that my fiancee, parents and friends were also in Boracay getting ready for my surprise engagement proposal! And YES, I was engaged the same day. Which makes this wedding pretty much memorable for me.

A few years from now, if I would have my own Same Day Edit, I would like the videographer to capture the following:
-my dad playing with my nephew and maybe have a few laughs on how long it has been since my wedding after seeing my nephew grow old so fast.
-my sister who once was single, but is now happily married.
-my mom who cried on my wedding day.
-my husband and how he seemed so in love the day we sealed the deal.

Here are just some things you will see in this onsite, that you will for sure realize the sentimental value of a wedding video even if this wasn’t your own.


Angela & Eric

I have a lot of favorite Same Day Edits, but this one is exceptional. The finest Same Day Edit’s are those that let the viewers experience an emotion that was once forgotten, or maybe something that you want to experience even without one’s presence.

It’s being with a very familiar face in a foreign country.
It’s being lost and not minding to be found.
It’s experiencing new things & having fun with the face you know so well.
It’s kissing each other behind the city lights, enjoying the stroll around the wet streets of Hong Kong, Shanghai, just about everywhere.
Angela and Eric wanted all of these to be documented by For You Are Mine.

Angela and Eric’s SDE is the perfect example for this. I was not part of their wedding shoot, but this video made me want to be there. The best part is, it made me remember how good it is to love again.

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