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Gela and Danniel

I know I’ve said this a lot of times, but I’m saying it again. We LOVE shooting Cebu weddings. Gela and Danniel just had their destination wedding in Cebu. They are both based in Hong Kong for years already, but they decided to get married in the Philippines.

I was able to shoot during the groom preps of Danniel. It was so fun because his groomsmen were all Filipinos too and they know how to speak Cantonese! Love love the boutonnieres that were made by Danniel’s friend! Of course Gela looked so pretty with her wedding gown! You guys should watch the SDE.

P.S. Aerial view of Cebu Shangrila Mactan is just awesome!

Ria and Odin

Ria and Odin got married in Shangrila Mactan, Cebu. It was such a feast to see most of the guests from Manila. Our beautiful FYAM bride, Ria looked stunning wearing a Rosalyn Lagdameo.  Oh how we love shooting once again with Nicolo Manreal and his team, Rainbowfish Photography too!

We love shooting weddings where people are not excited to go home. Ria and Odin’s crowd knew how to have a good time. I remember after Odin sang, Ria sang on stage to surprise the groom too, as their family and friends rocked the dance floor. It wasn’t really a surprise to see the crowd singing and dancing all night because Odin is a film director, particularly in the music scene. We must admit that there’s a little pressure on shooting this wedding, nevertheless, the crowd was awesome, the couple – cool, the wedding – BEAUTIFUL!

Do watch their wedding film!

Alana and Franco

Franco and Alana got married in Sacred Heart Parish, followed by a reception at Cebu, Shangrila Mactan. Alana is a friend of our FYAM bride, Christina.

Last December, we had back to back weddings in Cebu. We are extremely lucky to have clients willing to book the team out of town to capture a special moment in their lives.

It is super kilig when we get referrals from previous clients. I had an impromptu meeting with Franco and Alana during Christina’s wedding.

On another note, I am inviting everyone to watch Franco and Alana’s SDE, while XO by Beyonce is still playing on the radio…

Roslyn and Mark

We absolutely love shooting Cebu weddings. Mark and Roslyn both grew up in Australia, while the family of the groom is based here in the Philippines. They had a beautiful ceremony at Bethany Church, followed by an intimate reception at the Marco Polo Plaza.

One reason to watch this: You should watch the harlem shake of the groom and his groomsmen by the end of the SDE.

Thank you so much Mango Red for letting us use your awesome photos for the cover!

Carmen and Andre

We previously blogged about the Same Day Edit of Carmen and Andre’s wedding, which was absolutely stunning. While the SDE was mostly about the newlyweds, part of our service is providing a complete wedding film, which focuses more on the relationship of the newlyweds and their family.

Here’s the thing, we don’t really post the full wedding films here on our website. But Carmen and Andre’s wedding is so beautiful that we’re going to make an exception.

I remember a few remarkable moments, like how the family played a big part on their wedding day. The heartfelt speeches from the family made the wedding complete. One of my favorite moments was from Mrs. Edna Lhuillier, when she shared how proud she was to raise Andre, and gave great advice to the couple on their new journey. The sisters of Carmen reminisced about their younger days, and really showed their love through their speech, sharing how they feel at ease with Andre as part of the family. You could really feel the warmth and acceptance of the family.

It’s knowing this side of the story, which makes every wedding film different and more beautiful.

Carmen and Andre

Cebu weddings are always love! We were just there last February and we are so happy to be back this April for Carmen and Andre’s wedding.  Working with Bliss Unlimited, headed by Tisha Cue is always a breeze!

Carmen and Andre got married at the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod followed by a reception at the Pacific Grand Ballroom, Waterfront, Cebu.

She looked so radiant wearing a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress and shoes! Of course, she’s wearing a Monique Lhuillier for a Lhuillier wedding. All her bridesmaids looked so beautiful too. I never felt so Chinese after seeing so many mestizas around me!

The reception was styled with series of lights, setting the mood. It was stunning!  The night felt so warm and intimate even if there were a lot of guests. Everyone had a good time drinking and dancing with the music of The Authority Band.

I love how Carmen said during the interview, “at the end of the day, after the wedding, it’s just you, me and Luc together.”

Thank you Carmen and Andre for letting us do your wedding film. Hopefully, when Luc, (the super adorable baby who looks like he just came out of a Pampers commercial) gets married, you guys will still hire us to do his wedding film!

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