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Julie & Dennis

There’s something about this job and how we become instruments to making other people happy.

It was my first time to have an online meeting with a client. I only met Dennis. Julie couldn’t connect with the other line, so I wasn’t able to meet her. Right then and there, I figured that they had a long distance relationship in the U.S. From there, Dennis asked me to make sure we get footages of Julie’s mom as she was sick.

Unfortunately, A few weeks before the wedding day, Dennis told me that Julie lost her dear mom. My heart broke as if I knew them for a long time. I even remember Dennis telling me to make their wedding video beautiful because he wants it to be memorable for Julie and in the process uplift her spirits.

With this in our minds, the FYAM team was motivated to make Dennis and Julie happy on their wedding day by making sure we capture moments worth preserving.

Trials make relationships stronger. Love makes it all bearable.

Valen & Tep

Who wouldn’t look forward to their own wedding day if it’s going to happen at Thunderbird, La Union.

One of the most beautiful resorts in La Union, Thunderbird exhausts the breath of the attendees. Structures, painted in its whitewashed walls and hints of sky-blue dome, just near the beach area providing a Santorini experience to everyone.

For Tep, maybe the venue is just a plus because the real deal is going to be his very own bride, Valen.

As our shooters entered the bride’s room, they were witnesses of Tep’s simple acts of love in forms of notes posted in the bride’s mirror. Truly, simple words show deep expressions of love.

Romance filled the air as they exchanged vows against the backdrop of a stunning purple sunset.

See the SDE and fill your curiosity on Tep’s love notes to Valen!

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