Joana & Paolo

Love makes us realize that we are more capable to do things especially for the ones we love.

Our team had a blast with shooting Joana & Paolo’s wedding in Puerto Del Sol, Bolinao, Pangasinan. With less than a hundred guests, it was more intimate and beautiful.

More than that, I love Paolo’s speech during the reception.
He shared something about love & destination weddings:

“I know that our decision to have a destination wedding in Bolinao is not at all practical, logical, or even financially smart. The thing is, love and loving someone should never be just about practicality, logic, or even being frugal – it should also be about following your heart and what you know will make your partner happy. A wedding is one of the few milestones in life where I believe you should go big and make it as memorable as you can.”
–Paolo, Groom