So many weddings for just one man to handle and Jason Magbanua couldn't find a cloning machine.

That’s the premise of For You Are Mine Wedding Films.

Comprised of team members from the Jason Magbanua core group, For You Are Mine is everything you expect it to be and more - talented, professional, artistic, pleasant and polite.

They have all the genes and the DNA strain is there. It’s time. Let’s make beautiful wedding films.

Jason Magbanua is a name that has become synonymous with wedding films in the country. He's been honing his craft for 12 years and continues to be the benchmark for all wedding films. With his ever-growing list of clients, however, Jason has decided to build a second unit to accommodate their demands. Called "For You Are Mine Wedding Films", this new unit operates as part of Jason's group, though he envisioned it as having its own unique voice, one that's different from his own. It's a voice that has more of a feminine touch, with an entire team to support it.

For You Are Mine is headed by Therese Yee. Initially a fan, just like everyone else, and a self-admitted hopeless romantic, she oversees direction for the brand and has been spreading the stories of the lovely FYAM couples and their weddings. Her team is composed of Jason's shooters and editors, all trained with his expertise and discipline for doing creative shots and timeless wedding films through the years. Each shooter is armed with passion to create a beautiful story, and tells it the way Jason does it best - through cinema.

The team works to fulfill their clients' needs and wants on the wedding day and beyond, knowing that they have been entrusted to document a very important day in the couple's lives.

For You Are Mine Wedding Films is definitely going places, as most of their current clients come from all across the globe. They continue to build a name of their own, even without Jason's direct intervention. It's amazing how some of their clients are friends and family members of a former Jason Magbanua client. It all sounds like a legacy being handed down.