Destination: Tagaytay

Dior and Rey

Cannot Wait

Dior and Rey have been crazy for each other for 8 years! Written in their Philippine Star newspaper article: “RT who proposed to Dior in a parking lot, says he had the ring two weeks before he proposed – and waiting any longer was not an option. “

They tied the knot at San Antonio de Padua followed by a beautiful intimate wedding reception at Splendido.

I asked Dior how was the wedding preps? Was it stressful? Well, she was one of a kind bride to say, “not at all. We were enjoying it every step of the way.” That’s how I wish every bride should feel while doing their wedding preps. In my experience, most brides turn into a bridezilla come wedding day. Dior on the other hand, she was definitely the bridechilla! It’s always a pleasure shooting a happy bride who just knows how to enjoy her special day.

Cover photo by: Bryan Venancio Photography