Destination: Manila

Jelly and Justin

I'm Alive

Jelly is from Poveda, while Justin is from Southridge, but they knew each other from friends in UAP. Introduced by high school friends, they didn’t know that they will meet in one of those college barkada get-togethers. It’s amazing how things fell into place. They knew each other for a little over 4 years, and last weekend, they finally tied the knot!

Jelly and Justin got married last weekend in San Agustin church, where their parents also got married. It was followed by a fun reception at Manila hotel. I remember how Jelly did a really good job at dancing “Time of Your Life” (and i think 2 more songs btw), but I think Justin’s dance moves made it more unforgettable for everyone in the crowd. Everyone kept on cheering for him! Even his father mentioned something about Justin. That he is only dancing just because he loves Jelly so much! I think that’s really how it is. We do things for love that we never really imagine we will do.

Now watch the SDE and see how the rest of the day went!

Cover photo by: Carlo Acetre Photography