Destination: Manila

Kayra and Chris

When Love Comes

Last weekend, FYAM team shot Chris and Kayra’s wedding at Mary the Queen, followed by a beautiful reception at Manila Hotel. My favorite line from the groom’s vows: “you make me want to be a better person”. I guess when you really meet the one, you feel this way stronger than ever.

In this crazy world where there’s so much hate, I honestly feel lucky to have this kind of job. We shoot real love stories unfolding. We become part of our clients’ lives by making sure we document an unforgettable moment of deciding to keep someone in their life forever. We encapsulate promises, moments, and the truth of now. I feel luckier when I get to experience this with people I used to encounter in life.

Chris is one of my sister’s friends in high school. He would sometimes hang out around MTQ along with other friends, and as the shobe, my sister always tagged me along. I don’t remember much about that time but I remember Chris as one of the older brothers when I was young. People called him “Barat” which made him really unforgettable and funny. So when he called me up to say that he’s getting married and wanted FYAM to shoot our wedding, I was really happy that they wanted FYAM team to do it!

Time really flies by too fast. One day you are going to school, meeting people, and then the next thing you know, you start attending weddings, and then baby showers! I guess this is called LIFE!

Do watch the SDE!