Destination: Batangas

Kylie and Jay Jay

Cliff Wedding

Kylie and Jayjay have been together since August 2015. When I asked what they love about each other? Kylie says that he can make her laugh even at the dullest moment. Jayjay on the other hand loves how Kylie is laid back, simple, and reserved.

I remember my meeting with Kylie and Jay Jay. He particularly said, “gusto ko yung SDE ni Iya and Drew!” that’s why they did a cliff wedding at Kawayan Cove.

The logistics of this wedding was quite tedious, but definitely worth it! The day was just perfect. It was raining a bit in the morning, but the sun shone just in time for Kylie and Jayjay’s wedding. The drone shot of Kylie walking on the aisle is the highlight. But I think being surrounded by their closest friends and family as they professed their love for each other is the most surreal moment that FYAM is so honored to capture.

Do watch the SDE!

Cover photo by: James Polk of Polk Studios