Destination: Manila

Maika and Steven

Where We Belong

Maika and Steven have been together for 3 years. They tied the knot last Sunday at The Holy Trinity Church, followed by a beautiful wedding reception at Peninsula Manila.

Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off the bride when Maika walked down the aisle wearing a Cary Santiago gown. She looked absolutely stunning! Everything just looked perfect and magical. You can definitely see the impeccable taste of the couple. And guess what is the perfect way to end the wedding? Maika had a brilliant idea of surprising Steven with Kitchie Nadal playing on his wedding day!!! How cool is that?

Favorite moments from the wedding:

Maika shares how her dad couldn’t sleep the night before because his only child is finally getting married.

As for Steven, it was definitely watching Kitchie Nadal play on his own wedding. He didn’t want to go around and take pictures because he just wanted to watch and enjoy the moment!

Cover photo by: Chestknots