Destination: Manila

Andee and Max

Prom Date

Andee and Max had their wedding a few weeks ago at Santuario de San Antonio, followed by an intimate reception at Makati Shangrila.

Andee and Max booked us 1 month before the wedding. I was surprised because most of our weddings are booked months in advance. I asked them why? they said they just decided to get married a month before they started booking suppliers. They have been together for 8 years, and now they have a baby coming, which made them think, “why not get married?!” It’s just the perfect time, and it’s not everyday that you get to be married with your high school prom date.

So how did Max propose 3 months ago? Andee shares it:

“He surprised me during our trip to Spain. While on our stadium tour at the Camp Nou, where FC Barcelona plays, someone from the stadium’s staff congratulated both of us. I thought Max and I won something like a meet and greet contest. Max wasn’t telling me anything and I started to get mad at him because I really wanted to know what was happening and probably because of my raging hormones. Yes, I am pregnant. Anyway, he suddenly asked some random tourist to take a photo of us. Then he got down, on bended knee, and proposed! I know I didn’t meet Messi but at least I got the next best thing? Kidding.”

FYAM is honored to shoot this beautiful moment in your life, thank you for the trust.

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Cover and header photo by: Oak St. Studios