Destination: Tagaytay

Anne and OJ

Our Time

Anne and OJ have been together for 2 years and 5 months. Anne handles their family business as contract grower of San Miguel, while OJ is an IT specialist for the US Federal Government. They got married at St. Pancratius, Paco Park, followed by a beautiful reception at Sofitel. Watch out for the scene where we were able to capture Anne’s walk to the aisle with our drone!

How was the proposal? Anne and OJ shares it in 3RD person:

OJ proposed last November 2015 at Big Bear Ski Resort in California. It was snowboarding day for them. Anne got tired, so she asked OJ if they can take a rest. They went inside the car, just the two them.

Back story: Anne has never experienced snowfall. When they were in NY, OJ told Anne a year ago that he would propose during a snow fall.

Oj asked for a sign. If it snows, he would propose.

15minutes later, still inside the car, snow began to fall, and it was stronger and stronger. It was OJ’s sign. He went out of the car, went to Anne’s side to open the door, and popped the question. Of course, tears were all over the place and the rest is history.

Photo by: Chestknots Studio