Destination: Manila

Giann and Chris

First Love

Giann and Chris got married at Santuario de San Antonio, followed by a beautiful reception at Makati Shangri-la.

When I asked Giann and Chris where they met, they answered with, “You know the usual China tours?” I laughed, shocked and replied “OH THAT?! which means you guys have been together for so looong!!!” Giann is a few years younger than me in ICA, that’s why I totally understand when they both said that they met in a China tour. It’s not usual nowadays for you to marry your first bf/gf in High School. They even shared that for a while, they had a long distance relationship.

I honestly admire this couple for them to really work it out and be together for so long, and finally seal the deal last Sunday! FYAM is super happy to shoot this amazing couple. One of our shooters even personally told me, “I got teary eyed while shooting the bride. I really felt that she’s happy to get married.”